Benefits of the convertible desk

convertible desk

Dr. Joe standing next to his home-made convertible desk.

You’ve heard that sitting has been described as the “new smoking.” One way to kick the habit of sitting all day is to simply get up from your desk frequently.  However, if you can, perhaps purchase or even make your own convertible desk that is ideal. My step-dad made me my great convertible desk where I have a place to stand or sit and work-it’s awesome!

Medically speaking, convertible desks help with circulation (even regular exercise is not enough to counteract the damage from sitting all day), posture, alignment, takes pressure off the lower back (including the discs), and circulation of the lymphatic system.

Unfortunately, humanity has fallen into a more sedentary lifestyle. But the implementation of these types of improvements- (convertible desks) are becoming more common and the benefits outweigh any reservations you may have in purchasing or building a convertible desk of your own.

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