Workers compensation and personal injury cases (auto-accident) treated here


In addition to treating patients who have health insurance, we at LSCPT treat patients who have been injured at work or have been involved in an auto accident.

In the instance that you are injured at work and have filed a workers compensation claim, received a claim number, an adjuster has been assigned to your case, you have their phone number and address, then you are ready to make an appointment for treatment. We will contact the workers compensation company to send the bills and medical records on your behalf and any other information your claim or place of work may require.

Alternatively, if you are a pedestrian, cyclist or motor vehicle driver and have been victim to an auto accident, you may file a personal injury case with the car insurance determined at fault or through your own car insurance medical payment department (MedPay). Following the accident, file a personal injury case, retrieve a claim number, speak to your adjuster assigned to your case notifying them you are going to seek medical treatment, and keep a record of their phone number and address for your file and make your appointment with us for treatment. We will send the bills and medical records on your behalf and any other information your claim may require to the appropriate parties.

Each patient case is unique just as each type of insurance (health, workers compensation or personal injury) may have different requirements. We at LSCPT will make sure you receive the treatment you need and communicate with you and the adjuster during your time of treatment with us. We highly encourage you to do the same as they and we are a great resource for your questions regarding these types of cases.

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