Health insurance glossary of terms

When you look at your health insurance benefits, do you ever wonder what exactly is a deductible? Or what does the “out of pocket” benefits mean for me, really? It can be confusing but here are a couple of key terms to know and understand. Deductible: Simply put, the dollar amount the patient is responsible[…]

Sizzling summer recipe

If you’ve ever been in for physical therapy at our office, you know Jenn can often be heard talking about a recipe she has recently tried or that someone has recommended to her. Well, last week, she made this delicious Paleo Tequila Lime Shrimp recipe and it was excellent! We try to keep paleo, gluten-free[…]

Bulletproof coffee shop visit

I am a huge advocate of and for Bulletproof coffee and the many other upgraded bio-hacking products that Dave Asprey blogs and podcasts about. Asprey recently opened up a coffee shop in Santa Monica, CA, where my office manager, Siobhan is from. So she visited on behalf of Lincoln Square Chiropractic and Physical Therapy to[…]